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Wine selection

Quality Wine 

Our wine and beers come from both locally sourced wineries and breweries, as well as from the warm, stellar wineries in Italy, France, and Spain.

Dining table with mac-n-cheese

Handmade. Every time. Every day.

Head Chef, John Pfaff, is the food inspiration of Old Town Wine Skins. Together he and the Old Town Wine Skins team hand craft baked baguettes, slow roasted + smoked meats, decadent desserts, and a variety of perfectly balanced dishes for all seasons and palates. All dishes are made fresh every day, providing the community with a consistent and authentic taste. Savor the Old Town Wine Skins unique flavor in every bite, and enjoy the community in every visit.

Celebrating Second Chances

Welcome to Old Town Wine Skins: a local, community-focused wine bar operating in Old Town Tacoma and run by Cosette Pfaff (PLU business professor) and her husband John Pfaff, a longtime self-taught foodie and the food inspiration behind the restaurant.

Here, we invite our guests to become a part of our story, sharing quality food and drink for a classy experience in a casual environment of infectious positivity — the foundation for a thriving community.

We celebrate second chances, and life’s full of them at the most unexpected times. They’re one of the reasons for opening Old Town Wine Skins.

Cosette and John grew up together in a small town, and have been involved in each other’s families and lives through every season imaginable: blessing, death, romance, testing, joy, college, and everything in between. They dated in high school, but John was one who couldn't be tied to just one girl. So time moved on and seasons passed. Fast forward 25+ years and as life would have it, they reconnected — the beginning of their second chance. This second chance has been a blessing, and they now celebrate three wonderful children, two awesome grandchildren, and 15 years of marriage.

Cosette is an oenophile who grew up with an appreciation for wine from her Italian grandmother. She has an approach to building a wine list that diners will love: affordable and interesting. Cosette’s past work has intersected with various restaurants and John has had careers in a variety of fields, including the food industry, but this is the first time they’ve owned a food-and-beverage business together. 

Casual Atmosphere, Classy Experience, Cozy Community

The 40-seat space is friendly to families with kids. Small plates are flexible for appetites and palates with kid-friendly food available, as well as more complicated dishes for adults.  We hope this space encourages conversation and community. During the game season[s], Old Town Wine Skins is perfect for sport lovers to gather and watch the game. Many of the recipes are family recipes from each side of the family, as well as from community members of the northwest. 

Second Chances

Photo source: Kim Anderson Little Friends Tender Moments Collection

Locally focused

We want to celebrate community and involve local families, businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs at Old Town Wine Skins. 

We commit to fostering community by focusing on serving locally grown produce and food, working with other local small artisan businesses, featuring and carrying a large selection of Washington wines, local microbrews and ciders, and lastly, promoting recipes that originate from our community of friends, family, and Tacoma locals.

Cozy Community

Old Town Wine Skins serves as a judgment-free zone where you can simply stop by after a run, before a school pick up, during Monday night football, or to celebrate a special occasion. We provide a classy experience that will educate the community in the art of traditional wine pairing, as well a provide a welcoming space where untraditional and creative tastes can flourish.